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At the time the picture was taken Capt. R. E. Holsey was the pilot (bottom row extreme left) .J. W. Rosenberger is in the top row, second from the left. Other crewmen may be: 1st Lt. C. N. McArthur; 2nd Lt. John A. Crockett; T/Sgt. J. B. Young; S/Sgt T. H. Fox; Sgt. J. H. Allen; Cpl. G. R. Manuel; Pfc. N. L. Chapman.

J.W. Rosenberger's son writes that his father was originally with the 19th BG and was transferred to the 43rd. He also says, "An interesting story of my father's crew when they were part of the 19th was after a raid their plane was badly damaged and Holsey was able to land it on an island beach. They spent a month repairing the plane and placing steel mating on the beach for takeoff. After the plane was stripped down Holsey and a co-pilot were able to get the plane in the air and back to their base. The whole thing was written up in the January 4, 1943 issue of Life Magazine. Ironically after they got the plane back to their base, the Japanese attacked the airfiled and destroyed the plane. The plane's name was the 'Frank Buck'"

Update:  A letter published in the July, 2013 newsletters offers this information about the above photograph, giving totally different crew and plane names:  

Back row, from left to right:  J.B. Young; J.W. "Rosy" Rosenberger; Lynn M. Himmel; Thomas D. Edgar; John L. Honold

Front row, from left to right: Lt. Raymond Holsey; Glenn E. Reams; John A. "Davye" Crockett; James P. Springfield.

The same letter gives the plane's name as "Dinah Might."


  Home > 64th SQ BR > Picture