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C o n t a c t  I n f o r m a t i o n

To contact the 43rd Bomb Group:

43rd Bomb Group Association, Inc.
C/O Louise V. Terrell
500 E Houghton Avenue
Houghton, MI 49931


President: Susan Clark Lanson
Vice-President: Nancy Solomon
Secretary: Louise Terrell
Treasurer: Fredrick Lloyd

To contact other Kensmen by e-mail, try this listing of members' email addresses.

To correct or add information, to add pictures, to add an entry to the "Looking for a Lost Crewmate?" page, or for other website-related things, contact Tracy Tucciarone (proud daughter of Engineer-Gunner Sgt. Francis E. Tucher, 65th SQ, and humbled, grateful official "Sweetheart of the 43rd") at webmaster@kensmen.com.

M e m b e r s h i p  I n f o r m a t i o n

If you're a Kensman -- or friend or family of a Kensman or just a fan of the 43rd Bomb Group -- we urge you to consider becoming a member of the 43rd Bomb Group Association. WWII veterans of the 43rd receive a free lifetime membership. For all others, membership dues are currently $100 for a lifetime membership. To join:

Print and fill out this form (PDF). Send your completed form, along with dues, payable to "43rd Bomb Group Association," to:

    Louise V. Terrell
    207 Huron Street
    Houghton, MI  49931

Or contact Louise at lterrell5@verizon.net

R e u n i o n  P i c t u r e s

The 5th Army Air Force’s 43rd Bomb Group (H), composed of the 63rd, 64th, 65th and 403rd Squadrons, will have its 2017 reunion soon. Please see this pdf for all necessary information.

Pictures from past reunions:

September of 2015:

2012 reunion in Dayton, Ohio:

  Home > Contact, Membership, & Reunion Information