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Lae Convoy

Tojo he was happy;
   Tojo he was gay,
As he proudly sent his convoy
   steaming down to Lae.
Ten fat merchant vessels--
   heavily laden ships--
With stores and reinforcements for
   Lae's hungry little Nips.

Destroyers were their escort;
   Yes, and cruisers, too;
They'd protect his convoy,
   they would see it through.
Fast were these destroyers
    armed with many guns,
And powerful were the cruisers
     manned by Nippon's sons.

High above the convoy,
   zooming in their flight,
Zeros for top cover,
   proudful in their might.
"Have no fear of bombers,"
   the Zero pilots said.
"If Yankees intercept you,
   we'll fill them full of lead;
For we're the Zero pilots,
   monarchs of the sky,
When Yankee pilots meet us
   they invariably die.

Thus sailed on the convoy--
   optimistic, proud!
Never dreaming, thinking,
   the waves would be their shroud.
High up in the heavens
   came a vengeful roar--
Fortresses and fighters
   leaving Guinea's shore.
Flown by young Americans,
   flown by Aussies, too;
Calm and quite determined
   to see the whole show through.

Down upon the convoy
   at reckless pace they sped;
The mighty bombers roaring,
   the fighters spitting lead.
Right into the convoy,
   blasting ship by ship;
Bombing with unerring aim,
   scoring every trip.
From above the Zeros dived--
   dived with lustful eyes;
Met a stream of lead and steel,
   were blasted from the skies.

Send your convoys, Tojo,
   steaming down to Lae!
And this is how we'll meet them,
   meet them night and day!
And let this be your warning,
   let this story tell;
Our greatest joy in living is

-- by an A.I.F. Lieutenant, ca. 1943 --

[The terms 'Nips' and 'Japs' are not
meant to cause offense
but are used for historical accuracy]

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