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This reflects an ongoing effort to post photos from the 43rd Bomb Group’s 1943 pictorial album Down Under, placing names to faces as much as possible. Several resources were cross-referenced to minimize any errors in identifying these men. It is our hope that folks will come forward over time to identify themselves, a crewmate or a family member.

If you can identify an individual in the Down Under album, please contact the Association Secretary at secretary43bgroup@gmail.com or contact Janet Kimble at Jkimble@virginia.org.

Special thanks to Richard "Dick" Bennet (65th) and daughter Jordi for their input on this project. Also, Don Williams, son of MSgt Leonard F Williams (65th), provided additional information based on a similar project he had been working with former Secretary Ed Gammill. And, a note of thanks to the family of Ed Gammill (63rd) who kindly donated Ed’s "marked up" copy of Down Under to the Association to assist in this effort.

The pages of the original 1943 edition were not numbered; the page numbers referenced here correspond to the page numbers of the 1994 50th Anniversary reprint edition, a near exact copy  of the original Down Under album. Additionally, in researching these photos, the majority appear to have been taken between the last week of January and the third week of February 1943. Based on those dates, the photos were most likely taken at Port Moresby. 

Home > History > Down Under Album – Pictorial, B-17 Era