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Sometime between July and September, 1944, Bob Hope and his small USO troupe, which included Frances Langford and Jerry Colona, went to Owi Island to entertain the 43rd Bomb Group. Ken's Men returned the favor by naming a 64th Squadron B-24 "Bob's Hope" and christening it the day of Bob's show (see the 64th SQ Briefing Room). The following pictures were sent by Crew Chief Robert Augustine of the 64th SQ. Mr. Augustine stayed up all night the night before Bob's show, painting the 64th SQ logo on the side of the plane so it would be ready on time.

Bob and Troupe in front of the Liberator "Bob's Hope" and surrounded by Kensmen

A closer view of Bob and the Troupe

Another close view

Bob shaking hands with another Bob--the Crew Chief Robert Augustine mentioned above

A shot of the Troupe, with guitarist playing, in front of "Bob's Hope"

Christmas card sent by Bob Hope to members of the 43rd

Thanks, Bob!

Home > History > Bob Hope and his USO Troupe Visit Owi Island