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Above is a scan of the preliminary sketch of nose-art created by Joe diMauro for the plane that became "The Golden Lady". DiMauro, nose-gunner for Shad Shaddox, and crew were to fly the brand-new B-24D, serial number 42-40914, so diMauro made the sketch, first calling the plane "Libby", and painted the exquisite gold-tone nose art (one side of the nose mirroring the other) only to have the plane given to the 90th BG (The "Jolly Rogers").

Below are links to pictures of the art of the plane that became the "Golden Lady" (both of the following links are offsite and will open a new browser window. Simply close those windows to return to this page):

From the right side of the plane: http://www.b24bestweb.com/goldenlady1.htm
From the left side of the plane: http://www.b24bestweb.com/goldenlady2.htm

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