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1st Lt Ernest N. "Morgan" Morgan

Squadron: 403rd

Position: 1st Pilot, B-24's. A great airplane.

Served: class 43J; 1943 to 1945

Originally from: entry in Nashville, TN

Training: Santa Maria, Stockton, Kirtland AFB, Tonopah

Citations/Medals: Air Medal; two clusters.

Planes: Harold K Smith, our bombardier, painted "Mareeba Butchers" insignia on one.

Number of Missions: 34 combat missions, June 1944 to March 1945

Description of Missions:
Kamiri A/D, Lolabata, Wasile Bay, Ambon, Licanan, Bitoeng, Mapanget, Padada, Sidate, Buayan, Lahug, Fabrica, Matina A/D, Ormoc, Sassa A/D, Daliao, Tainan. Places I can't remember. Moderate anti aircraft; Only a few missions with interception. Weather caused some concerns.

Most poignant, sad or touching memory of the war:
Several. The loss of some very good friends. My waist gunner running down the runway with a broken back; I lost control due to water in the gas tank, on takeoff.

Funniest or most fun memory of the war:
Scrambled eggs and bacon at midnite on R&R in Sydney.

Any odd or strange memories from the war:

Most heroic thing I saw or did:
The records are not complete, but it appears that I, and my crew, are here now because of quick action by the engineer on Lt Weaver's crew, who recovered the plane when Lt Weaver was killed by Jap interceptor shot that came just under his flak vest. Their plane grazed out #3 prop and then recovered. I have not discovered his name yet.Was

Where I was and how I celebrated when I learned the war was over:
Was painting a house in Nashville, TN. Halleluia!!

How having gone to war has affected me, what comes to mindwhen I think of the war:
I think that military service is one of the greatest things that can happen to a 20 year old kid. It becomes the high point of excitement, fear, exhilaration and experience that is never again repeated. What more can you want?

To future generations:
Start early, and measure your time. It is later than you think; if you plan to do something, do it while you still are able.

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