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Here is a list of known B-24's flown by the 43rd BG. There are pictures accessible from the relevant Squadron pages (accessible from the contents page of this site) for aircraft with red checkmarks. From those pages, you will also find pictures of unidentified aircraft.



403rd SQ

Plane Name

Serial#/Tail #



4-F Charlie 42-72956 aka "Here Tis"
Big Chief Cockeye 42-40351 ?
Eager Beaver ? ?
Fat Stuff 42-41171 B-24D
Flamin' Mamie 42-41062 B-24D
Flying Fanny ? B-24D
Frivolous Sal ? ?
Gentleman Jim 42-40673 B24D/Writes Col. Ernest Wells of the 403rd: "[it was flown] to Townsville  [to the depot] in early Jan '44 for repairs from anti-aircraft and fighter damage, the aircraft was declared unsalavageable and used for spare parts and repairs of other aircraft at the depot. I know this because when I left combat in Jan '44 my crew and I went to Townsville to see if we could fly the aircraft to the USA and that is when we learned of its fate."
Geraldine 42-41065
Here Tis 42-72956 aka "4-F Charlie." Here Tis was piloted by 2nd Lt. Raymond Cooley and was lost on "Black Sunday," April 16, 1944.
Joltin' Janie 42-40233 B-24D
June Bride ? ?
Million Dollar Baby 44-40335 B-24J
Miss McCook 44-51070 ?
Over Exposed ? ?
Peace Offering ? ?
Pom Pom Express ? ?
Satan's Sister 42-40680 B-24D
? Italian-Americans will understand the name. It was named by paisan' T/Sgt. Louis Barone.
42-72800 B-24D. Ditched off the coast of New Britain Island in the Solomon Sea on 25 October 1943 with everyone surviving but the pilot and co-pilot
Sitting Girl 42-73472 ?
Tailskid Tolly

Whistle Stop 42-41060 ?
Zombie 42-40913
B-24D. See also 64th SQ for this aircaft

63rd SQ

Ace of Spades 42-40945 ?
Art's Cart 42-40896 B-24D. Original Scott Project aircraft.
At Ease 42-40955 B-24D. Original Scott Project aircraft.
I'll Be Around 42-41042 ?
Kentucky Virgin 42-41053 B-24D. Original Scott Project aircraft.
King of Clubs 42-40949 ?
Lady Luck 42-41058 B-24D. Original Scott Project aircraft.
Lil' Daisy Cutter 42-40666 B-24D
Mallet Head 42-41050 B-24D. Original Scott Project aircraft.
Miss Liberty 42-40479 B-24D
My Heavenly Body 42-73484 ?
Nana 44-40938 (another source says 42-72938) B-24D
Out of the Night 44-40901 (another source says 44-41808) B-24J (another source says B-24M)
Out of the Night II 44-41809 B-24M/ First flown by Pilot Orion Rogers.
Pitti-Sing 42-41051 B-24D. Original Scott Project aircraft.
Queen of Hearts 42-40904 B-24D. Original Scott Project aircraft.
Sack Wagon, The 44-51035 ?
Shanghai Lil 44-41026 ?
Swan, The 42-40475 B-24D. Original Scott Project aircraft. Lost on a mission over the Bismarck Sea, from Dobodura, New Guinea, on 4 December, 1943. No trace of the plane was ever found (Flow by Pilot Captain Robert Coleman).
Who's Next 42-41049 B-24D. Original Scott Project aircraft. Crashed 7 December, 1944 into Mt. Malasimbo (near or in the town of Calapan in the province of Oriental Mindoro) on the island of Mindoro in the Philippines, killing the crew headed by Lt. Savage (the crew included 2nd Lt. James E. O'Brien. You can read a letter home from Lt. O'Brien linked to from this site's history section.)
Wonder Gal 44-40942 ?
? 42-40972 B-24D. Original Scott Project aircraft. Crew missing in action during mission to destroy a Japanese shipping convoy (may have destroyed one ship). Missing: 1st Lt. William M. Hafner; 2nd Lt. Arthur C. Armacost III; 2nd Lt. David R. Eppright; 2nd Lt. Charles F. Feucht; T/Sgt. James G. Lascelles; S/Sgt. Arthur P. Fredrickson; T/Sgt. Alfred W. Hill; S/Sgt. William C. Cemeron; T/Sgt. Raymond S. Cisneros; Sgt. Richard M. Salley.
? 42-41041 B-24D. Original Scott Project aircraft. This plane was shot up over a Japanese Convoy. Crash landed at Cape Gloucester, New Britain. Killed in the crash were 1st Lt. Alvin E. McGehee, 2nd Lt. Henry H. Kreider, Jr., T/Sgt. Howard O. Dust, and S/Sgt. Liggott N. Gilliam.
? 42-41043 B-24D. Original Scott Project aircraft. Crew missing in action in Gasniada, New Britain. May have been shot down by our own Navy. Missing: 1st Lt. James J. Harris, Jr.; 2nd Lt. George J. Bolles; 1st Lt. James B. Hamilton, Jr.; 2nd Lt. Douglas H. Wright; T/Sgt. Gardiner A. Corrigan; S/Sgt. Lewis V. Nason; T/Sgt. Joseph E. [Moskalak?]; S/Sgt. J. K. Johnson; T/Sgt. Richard B. Friend; Cpl. William H. Skidmoro.

64th SQ

Black Magic 42-41224 or 4440867  (one source says this plane is the same as "Lucky Lucille")
Blondes Away 42-110006 B-24J
Bob's Hope 44-40395 B-24J
Cocktail Hour 44-40428 B-24J. Nose art painted by Sarkis Bartigan.
Dorothy Anne 42-41093 B-24D
Double Trouble (?) 4240671 (?) (see 65th SQ listing for aircraft "Double Trouble") B-24D. Lost July 11, 1943, killing entire crew (including: Dan Costello, Gunner; and Walter C. Hammond, Pilot) It took off for a mission from Jackson's Drome, circled the ocean to gain altitude and returned to the airstrip in less than an hour with mechanical problems. The Pilot lost control when it was 300 feet off the ground and it crashed.
Dragon and His Tail, The 44-40973 B-24J. Nose art painted by Sarkis Bartigan.
Frisky 42-40667 B-24D/destroyed in a takeoff accident on Nadzab airstrip 2 April, 1944
Golden Lady
B-24D. Piloted by Shad Shaddox.
Hip Parade 4440430 B-24J
It Ain't So Funny ? ?
Last Horizon 865 ?
Lovely Annette 44-40808 ?
Lucky Lucille 42-41224 B-24D (one source says this plane is the same as "Black Magic")
Mabel's Labels 44-49853 ?
Mag the Hag 42-41084 ?
Marie 42-40922 ?
Mayflower, The 42-40853 ?
Michigan 44-40429 B-24J. Nose art painted by Sarkis Bartigan.
Million $ Baby 44-50768 ?
Not in Stock 42-41093 ?
Record Breakers, The 44-51122 ?
Shining Example, The 44-40184 B-24J
Stormy Weather ? ?
Toughy 42-40525 B-24D
Uncle Sam 42-72811 B-24D
Zombie 42-40913 B-24D. See also 403rd SQ for this aircraft. This B-24 seems to have at least been assigned to the 64th from between June 1943 to July 1944. The daughter of William Voght, 64th Squadron writes to say that per a set of Orders she has, the following crew was assigned to, and deployed from from Hamilton Field, Sacramento CA with, this plane: 1LT Frank Krones,  2LT Donald Taustein,  2LT Everett Rassiga,  TSgt Richard May,  TSgt Merle Wilson,  SSgt William Voght,  SSgt Robert Charles,  SSgt Warren Thompson,  SSgt Louis Maenner.  There was a LT Frank Fizerro with this crew as well when they deployed from CA, who may have suffered some sort of injury in Australia and thus didn’t show up on the assignment orders. The picture for this entry will be found in the 403rd SQ Briefing Room.
? 42-40245 B24D/Wreck discovered in 1975. This plane failed to join formation after take off from Nadzab for a raid on Sarmi on 7 May 1944. The bodies of the crewmen were found still at their positions. An Australian Army team carried out their remains.
? -867 ?
Lost on 4 June 1944 with the following crew: 1LT Julian Petty, 2LT William Bohman, 2LT Lester Katzen, and 2LT Albert Kenyon along with TSgt Eugene Bailey, TSgt Harold Cranmer and SSgts Gilbert Dillon, James Ervin, Warren Thompson and Sgt William Tower

65th SQ

Barbara Jean 44-40980
B-24J-190/lost on 3 June, 1945. Pilot Frank L. Chisman and his entire crew were killed after taking off for a mission to Formosa. Their plane was found shortly after on Mt. Arayat (3,867 feet high, East of Clark Field.)
Carolyn Mae 44-40776 B-24J-180
Come and Get It 42-40941 ?
Come and Get It 44-40403 ?
Double Trouble 42-41226 B-24D-150
Hit Parader ? ?
Jungle Queen 42-40863 ?
Ken's Men 44-40980 ?
Lady from Leyte 44-40607 or 4440807 B-24D or B-24J
Lucky Lucy ? ?
Mad Russian 44-41846 B-24M-1
Missin' You 44-40399 B-24J-160
Outta This World 44-41257 B24J-205
Pappy's Passion ? ?
Petty Gal 44-40373 B-24J-160/Scrapped on May 18, 1945. Its last mission was flown by Jim Cherkauer. On this mission, the plane had to make an emergency landing with two engines at Lingayen Gulf after it was severely damaged by ack ack and shrapnel from another B-24 that was hit so badly it basically exploded.
Punja Kasi 44-40806 B-24J-180
Queen of the Clouds 44-41540 B-24L-5 (one source lists this plane as being a B-24J)
Rum and Coke 44-49827 B-24L-15 (another source lists this plane as a B-24J).
Shawantsta ? ?
Shirley Ann 42-73163 ?
Stuggot's 1st ? ?
Target for Tonight ? ?
Two Bob Tillie 42-41215 ?
Two Bob Tillie 42-73952 ?
Windy City Kitty ? B-24D
? -458 B-24J/crash landed at Lingayen field after being shot up by night fighters while on a night mission. The pilot was John J. Fahey. No one was hurt in the crash.
? -813 B-24M
? 42-41088 B-24D/Lost 18 October, 1943 Fl Taylor. Crew bailed. Crashed POM Log 31M/1
? 42-41075 B24D/MIA 22 November, 1943 near Salamaua returning strike to Gasmata Fl Brech
? -794 B-24J
? -812 B-24M
? -864 Lost when it was severely damaged on an 18 May 1945 mission to T'ainan, Formosa (piloted by Lt. Wilt) The crew bailed out with the loss of 2 men.
? -341 B-24M
? -42246 B-24M-20
? 44-42246 M-20
? 41-100056 B-24J-65
? 44-41024 B-24J190
? -42 B-24M
? -042 Possibly the same plane as the above plane. Flown by Jim Cherkauer.
? -466 B-24M
? -749 B24J
? 44-42247 B-24M-20
? -363 Lost 6/13/45 on a mission to Formosa. The crew, led by Pilot Donald C. Campbell, crashed into a mountain on Formosa killing all on board. The remains were recovered after WWII from the mountain side. The bodies had been disturbed by animals so it was impossible to separate the bones and the military transported the bones to St. Louis where they were re-buried in a mass grave. .
? 44-41547 ?

43rd BG, SQ Unkown

.50 Cal. Gal ? B-24D
4-F Charlie 42-40946 Note the 403rd SQ entry for a plane of this same name but a different serial number.
Atom Smasher 42-640-45 ?
Bums Away 42-40822 ?
Bunny Hop 42-41091 B-24D
Coral Princess 42-40833 ?
Devil's Delight 42-40832 ?
Double Trouble 42-41226 ?
Easy Breeze 42-110118 B-24J
Madam Libby 42-40838 ?  1 2
Miss Bubbles 42-40836 ?
Prince Valiant 42-40526 B-24D
Sky Shy 42-40683 ?
Tailskid Tolly ? B-24. Probably a 403rd aircraft.
Talisman? ? This may be an erroneous entry as there is a 43rd BG B-17 with this name
Uncle's Fury 42-40854 ?
Wolf Pack ? B-24J

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