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Here is a list of known B-17s flown by the 43rd BG. There are pictures in the Squadron Briefing Rooms (accessible from the contents page of this site) for aircraft with red checkmarks. In the Briefing Rooms, you may also find pictures of unidentified aircraft.

Plane Name Serial#
/Tail #
SQ Model/Notes/Disposition Picture
? 41-9011 ? Ditched off Duvira when it ran out of fuel. The crew were rescued by troops of the 41st Division
? 41-9194 ? Crashed into a hill at Port Moresby(flown by 1st Lt. Freeman)
? 41-24550 ? B-17F. Ditched into Bootless Bay on 14 December 1942 after engine failure
? 41-24383 63 2nd Lt. Guyton Christopher ditched this plane in the Gulf of Papua after he ran out of fuel and got lost
? 124391 63 Lost on take-off at Mareeba. Pilot: Capt. Hershell R. Henson
402 124402 63 Ground Crew:
Geraldo O. Newman - C.C.
Edward L. Gammill - A.C.C. and C.C.
Edward L. Huber
Ambrose A. Laus

Destroyed during an emergency landing/accident at Iron Range.
Black Jack - The Joker's Wild 124521 63 Ground Crew:
Anthony J. Deangelis - C.C.
Joseph A. Fleming - A.C.C.
Evo Rivoli

B-17F. Ditched
Blues in the Night 41-9209 63 The plane flown by Capt. Ken McCullar when he crashed at 7-Mile Airfield
Calamity Jane
Cap'N & The Kids 124353 63 Ground Crew:
J. N. Warrenfeltz - C. C.
Clyde C. Tabor - A. C. C.
Michael M. Bachi
Charles G. Parker

B-17F. Transferred to the 69th Troop Carrier SQ
The Champ ? ?
Chennalt's Pappy ? ?
Chico ? ?
Colossal Fossil ? ?
Craps for Japs 412653 65 B-17E
Pilot:  1st Lt Michael LaPorte, O-791123 (MIA / KIA) NY
Co-Pilot 2nd Lt Howard L. Munson, O-674612 (MIA / KIA) OH
Bombardier: 2nd Lt Gordon R. Spoor, O-7329189 (MIA / KIA) CA
Navigator: 2nd Lt William H. Vandergrift, O-797428 (MIA / KIA) NJ
Engineer: T/Sgt Idris T. Jenkins, 39090258 (MIA / KIA) CA
Radio: T/Sgt Alvin B. Rowe, Jr., 14038511 (MIA / KIA) FL
Asst Radio/Gunner: S/Sgt Orville B. Severson, 36253506 (MIA / KIA) MN
Gunner: S/Sgt Robert J. Frankenberger, 32144483 (MIA / KIA) NY
Gunner S/Sgt Ture E. Lindstrom, 32258128 (MIA / KIA) NY
Gunner S/Sgt Francis W. Neville, 32502049 (MIA / KIA) NJ
MIA September 2, 1943
MACR 14147
Dinah-Might 124355 63 or 64
Double Trouble 124356 63 see "Ka-Puhio-Wela" entry below
Dumbo 124429 63
Enemy Patrol ? ?
Fighting Swede 124520 63 Ground Crew:
I.W. "Bill" Laird- C.C.
Charles B. Larrick - A.C.C.
Robert Burtis
Jim Standlee, Jr.
Richard H. Everson

B-17F. Lost 8 May 1943 on Recon. to Wewak. Pilot: Capt. Robert M. Keatts
Fire Ball Mail 4124551 403 B-17F
Georgia Peach 4124454 63 B-17F
Guinea Pig 12472 63 B-17E
Hell from Heaven 4124424 64 B-17F
Honikuu Okole 419244 64 B-17E
Hoomalimali 124391 63 B-17F. Caught fire at Mareeba and crashed
I'm Willing 124638 63
Jersey Skeeter, The 412664 64 B-17E
124356 63 aka. "Double Trouble". B-17F. Lost 3 March 1943 during the Battle of the Bismarck Sea. Pilot: 1st Lt. Woodrow W. Moore
Lady Luck ? ?
Lak-A-Nookie 124401 63 B-17F
Last Straw 12432 63 B-17E
Listen Here, Tojo 41-24552 65 B-17F. Missing after a bombing mission to Lae. The wreck was eventually found in 1992 at 8,900 feet on a mountain 13 miles south west of Lae

Little Buster Upper 412648 ? B-17E
Loose Goose 12609 63 or 65 B-17E
Lucy 412666 65 See "Old 666" below.
Lulu 412665 65 B-17E
Lulu Belle 124358 63 Ground Crew:
Leonard E. Burns - C.C.
Arthur R. Nelson - A.C.C.
David E. Melick

Became a Staff Transport after it left the 63rd.
Mama Maxie 124357 63 aka "Tojo's Nightmare"
Miss Carriage 412627 65 B-17E
Mister Period ? ?
Monkey Bizz-Nes 12417 63 B-17E
Mustang - Lady Luck, The 124554 63 Ground Crew:
Ernest J. Vandal - C.C.
John Duck - A.C.C.
William McMurray
Michael Espinosa

B-17F. Returned to the States late 1943
Naughty But Nice 412430 65 B-17E
Old 666 412666 65 aka. "Lucy". B-17E. Flown by Pilot Jay Zeamer during the mission which earned him and crewmate, Joseph Sarnoski, the Medal of Honor (see History Section). Note: "Old 666" may have just been a nickname for the plane with this serial number as records show this plane as having had the name "Lucy". In any case, "Old 666" is how Jay Zeamer and crew referred to their aircraft.
Old Baldy 124455 63 Ground Crew:
Al Faul - C.C.
Mike Bachi
Clinto Snook
David L. Warbleton

B-17F. Returned to States late 1943
Old Faithful
Old Man, The 124403 63 Ground Crew:
Ernie Vandal - C.C.
John Duck - A.C.C.
Mike Espinosa
William "Bill" McMurray

B-17F. Transferred to become Gen. Whitehead's A/C
Old Topper
Panama Hattie 124381 63 B-17F
Ground Crew:

McCarthy - C.C.
Albert E. Fischer - A.C.C.
Kenneth W. Eiden
Theodore Kaufman
Pluto 124384 63 Ground Crew:
Gordon D. Williams - C.C.
James J. Conway, Jr.
Joseph F. Gillis
Anthony J. Pecoraro

Pilot: James T. Murphy, instrumental in the development of skipbombing (see History Section)
Pluto II 124543 63 Ground Crew:
Gordon D. Williams - C.C.
James J. Conway, Jr.
Joseph F. Gillis
Anthony Pecoraro
Queenie 412464 ? B-17E
Reckless Mountain Boys 124518 63 B-17F. Lost 7 May 1943 on Recon. to Kavieng. Pilot: Capt Byron L. Heichel
Red Moose Express ? ? B-17E
San Antonio Rose 4124458 65 B-17F
Spawn of Hell 412662 ? B-17E. Lost after bombing Rabaul and landed at Batumata Point. Later salvaged and transferred to the 54th Troop Carrier Wing to become an armed transport aircraft
Stud Duck ? ? B-17E
Super Snooper 4124420 63 B-17F
Talisman 124537 63 Ground Crew:
Clyde Farrell - C.C.
Leonard R. Nygard - A.C.C.
Donald W. Scaggs
William E. Dumka

B-17F. Became personal A/C for Maj. Gen. J. L. Frink - Supply
Taxpayer's Pride 4124448 64 B-17F
Texas #6 41-9207 64 Crashed into the top of Hong Kong Mountain and amazingly there were four survivors. Unfortunately though, local natives led them to a Japanese patrol who executed them on the spot
Tojo's Jinx 41-2461 B-17E. Destroyed in a training accident
Tojo's Nightmare (or Nite Mare) 124357 63 aka "Mama Maxie"
Tojo's Physic 412634 65 B-17E
Topper 41-2481 ? B-17E. Crashed on takeoff
Tuffy 124574 63 Ground Crew:
Geraldo O. Newman - C.C.
Edward L. Gammill A.C.C. and C.C.
Edward L. Huber
Ambrose A. Laus

B-17F. Returned to the States after 63rd conversion to B-24s
Tugboat Annie 412599 65 B-17E
Yankee Diddler 412458 65 B-17E. From Reginald Tatro: "I flew to Sydney on a beer run to purchase it for the EM Club on the Yankee Diddler. Upon landing, the Aussie women tower controllers were shocked at the nose art so, they made us park out of sight, in other words from the public.

It also said, "Wouldn't it root you"?. The guys of the early era of the 65th didn't realize the Aussie interpretation."

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