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Patch of the 65th SQ, B-17 era
Patch of the 65th SQ, B-24 era
65th SQ Tail Insignia

Commanding Officers

1st Lt. James H. Rothrock

15 January 1941

16 February, 1942

2nd Lt. James J. Hayes

February 17 1942

11 November 1942

Maj. John A. Roberts, Jr.

11 September 1942

14 January 1943

Maj. Harry Hawthorne 14 January, 1943

15 May 1943

Capt. William A. Smith

24 May 1943

25 June 1943

Maj. Daniel H. Cromer

26 June 1943

30 September 1943

Maj. Joshua H. Barnes

10 January 1943

30 May 1944*

Frank M. White*

December 1943*

July 1944*

Maj. Heston McDonnell

30 May 1944*

8 Februrary 1945

Maj. Paul B. Hansen

8 February 1945

23 June 1945

Maj. Max W. Williams

23 June, 1945


Duty Stations



Sydney, Australia

28 March 1942

15 June 1942

Charleville, Australia

15 June 1942

13 October 1942

Iron Range, Australia

13 October 1942

7 November 1942

Mareeba, Australia

7 November 1942

20 January 1943

Port Moresby, New Guinea

20 January 1943

11 December 1943

Dobodura, New Guinea

11 December 1943

1 March 1944

Nadzab, New Guinea

1 March 1944

11 July 1944

Owi, Schouten Islands, New Guinea

10 July 1944

23 November 1944

Tacloban, Leyte, Philippines

23 November 1944

22 March 1945

Clark Field, Luzon, Philippines

22 March 1945

26 July 1945

Ie Shima, Okinawa

26 July 1945

10 Dec 1945

Ft William McKinley, Luzon, Philippines

10 December 1945

29 April 1946

*this entry according to information from Robert "Bob" White of the 65th SQ. Date discrepancies.

Note on the nickname "Lucky Dicers" of the B-24 era:  if you'll notice, the die show the lucky numbers "7" and "11"-- and they do this while at the same time indicating both the Group (4 + 3 on two faces of the die) and SQ (6 + 5 on the other two visible die faces).

65th Squadron Deaths
65th Squadron Deaths Sort database by Squadron by double-clicking on the word "Squadron" at the top of the Squadron column. To return to this page, use your browser back button.

Interview with T/Sgt. Francis E. Tucher, Gunner/Engineer
Interview with 1st Lt. Robert Claycombe, pilot
Interview with 1st Lt. Paul Nichols, pilot/co-pilot
Interview with S/Sgt. "Frank" Franklin P. Hohmann (also of the 403rd SQ)
Interview with Lt. Colonel Jay Zeamer
Interview with T/Sgt. Reginald E. Tatro
Interview with Lt. Colonel Dayton "Dayt" Blanchard
Interview with Lt. Oscar Collins
Interview with T/Sgt James B. "Jim" Warren

Crew Pictures
Francis E. Tucher (3 pictures) and D. B. Patterson
Crew of Jim Cherkauer; Crew of Marcus D. Carrell
Crew of Hubert "H. J." Frank: D. B. Patterson, D. B. Allison, J. F. Caproni
Crew of Robert Claycombe
Crew of Sam Commons
Captain Jay Zeamer and Lieutenant Joseph R. Sarnoski
Captain Thomas J. Scannell
Capt. Thomas J. Scannell, Lt. Lawrence "Mac" MacIntosh, unknown, unknown
"Last Day From Sydney"
Pilot Paul Nichols
Lt. Hank Scheer, Bombardier; Lt. Paul Nichols, Pilot. Owi Island
Captain Jim Kline; Captain Thomas J. Scannell (The 2 "SIDS"), on Owi Island
Hank Scheer, Bombardier; Lt. Paul Nichols, Pilot; Captain Thomas J. Scannell
Two Unknown Officers of the 65th SQ
Captain "Doc" Gusack; Captain Neville; Lt. Gooseherst; Lt. Fred Engert; Lt. Casady
Lt. Fred Engert; Lt. Paul Nichols; Unknown; Lt. Don Hunt; Lt. Hank Scheer; Unknown
Captain Al Pepe; Two unknown
Strahan, Hilderbrant, Sarnasky, Hunt, Russell, Scannell, Kenroy, Scheer, Phipps
Headquarters, Only Non-Com. Unknown airman
Lt. Hank Scheer at Clark Field. Jap aircraft boneyard
Lt. Paul L. Nichols; Unkown; Lt. Lawrence "Mac" MacIntosh
Lt. Lawrence "Mac" MacIntosh
Captain Al Pepe and 7 Unknowns
Ie Shima Volleyball Champs - 1 and 2
T/Sgt Lee B. Quilici and Crew
Unidentified Crew Pictures sent by the nephew of Pilot Tom Scannell
Pilot Tom Scannell

Aircraft Pictures
B-24 of Francis Tucher (no name); Mad Russian; Barbara Jean; Pappy's Passion
Unidentified B-24; Petty Gal; Hit Parader
Windy City Kitty; 2 unidentified Betty Bombers (1 in flight), pic taken by 65'er
Target for Tonight
Lady from Leyte
Close-up of Tail Insignia
B-17 "The Yankee Diddler" (2)
Rum & Coke Rum and Coke (2)
Missin' You Missin' You (2)
Series of 3 B-24 photos from the Herb Agard collection
B-17 Craps for the Japs
Double Trouble
Barbara Jean, the Lady from Leyte, and Miscellaneous Aircraft in flight
Lt Dorwin Graham, Pilot, Collection of Photos, contributed by Nate Graham, Grandson

'Philippine Transport'; girl at Clark Field
The boys' church in New Guinea; New Guinea bordello
65th Squadron Sign
Journal of Lt. Dorwin Graham (pilot), contributed by his grandson, Nate Graham (.PDF file)
Capt Richard Bennett, Diary, December 1942 November 1943